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Astrological consulting with Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit) is a very private and confidential service for you. It is a unique and soul enriching experience to get your birth horoscope analysed and then discussed with you with respect to your life problem either through email, telephone of over internet video.
In this page you will find the various unique and specialized astrological prediction, analyses, forecast, guidance and counseling services provided by the world famous Indian astrologer Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit).
All astrological work is conducted through well researched methods that are practised in the two-century old astrological family of Dr. Andrew Dutta as well as new and modern methods of high accuracy.
The consulting fees for the astrological services are the best investments you can make in your life for yourself to open the doors of good fortune.

The service processing time is 10-15 business days.

Consultation report will be sent to your email along with your accurate horoscope

Click and Choose Consulting Services from the List Below

1. Annual (Yearly) Horoscope Predictions

Get complete one year accurate prediction from your birth horoscope about all areas of life and all possible events that will happen

2. Astrology Consultation Service for any Life Problems or Issues

Use this service for knowing any possible prediction or life problems that is troubling you currently. Use birth chart or question chart.

3. Birth Time Rectification Astrology Service

Get your birth time or date or year rectified to the nearest second of accuracy. World's most reputed and guaranteed BTR service

4. Child Birth Astrology Consultation Service

Assured prediction about child birth. Will it happen or not? When will child birth take place? When to have sexual intercourse for child birth? And many more.

5. Choosing the Best Time, Muhurta, Electional Astrology Service

Start any work at the right time and ensure success of your efforts and desired results. Best starting time for any work provided through your birth chart

6. Death Prediction with Astrology Rare Service

Very rare service. If your loved one is in terminal condition and you want to mentally prepare for the demise, then this spiritual service will provide you with the date of departure. 

7. Education, Career & Vocation Astrology Consultation Service

Know the right direction for success in education or career and vocation from your horoscope. Only if you are on the right path then success, prosperity and happiness will come. This service will tell you your right direction based on your birth horoscope.

8. Foreign Travels, Relocation, Emigration Astrology Consultation Service

Going abroad is promised or not? Which country will be best for you? When would you be travelling? All possible matters related with travelling to a new country temporarily or permanently can be answered for you through this service.

9. Health, Disease & Surgery Astrology Consultation Service

Forewarned is forearmed. Know your possible types of diseases and its physical and mental sources from your birth chart. If you have surgery to undergo, then choose the most successful date. Health is wealth and this service will provide you that.

10. Horary Prashna Astrology Service (without Birth Time)

You don't have your birth details. No problem. Get answers to any question of your choice through the most accurate horary analysis from one of the masters of question analysis.


11. Horoscope Remedial Astrology Guidance

Get the most accurate and powerful life remedy suggestion to remove all Karmic and past life blocks to make this current life smooth and happy. Experience from 220 years of astrological family tradition and success rate will be behind your success.


12. Lovers Report

Does the person really love you? Or is she just a friend? How to make her love you forever? Knowing her nature, emotions and sexual preferences with yours can take you to the pinnacle of love life leading to successful marriage. A complete report with most intricate and personal discussions to help you receive love in your life.


13. Marriage Consultation Astrology Service

Marriage is the sweetest bond of love if done with the soul mate. Know whether your potential partner is a soul mate or not. Marriage matching service beyond 36 point matching or ordinary synastry. Or are you planning for a divorce or separation and want to know when this will happen.


14. Past Birth Karma Astrology Rare Service

No need to suffer silently. Understand your past birth actions and how to avoid doing the same mistakes in this birth. Know how to live a happy and better present life through an insight about your past birth actions.


15. Personal Video Consultation

You want a direct face-to-face interaction with Dr. Andrew Dutta and personally discuss your critical problems, then this is the best service for you.


16. Pregnancy, Fertility and Conception Planning Time Service

Will you become a parent and if so, when in your life would that happen? When would be the best time to have sexual intercourse for successful fertilization? Or are you destined to adopt a child? Get every possible insight on your parenthood.


17. Urgent 24 Hour Astrological Prediction Service

There is some emergency issue and you want to discuss or take astrology service for it, then this exclusive service will help you to take quickest decision based on astrological factors.


18. Wealth, Income and Finances Astrology Consultation Service

Know how wealthy and prosperous you can be according to your birth horoscope potential. Are there any financial distresses in your life? Get to know all about your personal finances and income through this service.

Due to heavy demand of astrological services, the minimum service processing time taken by Dr. Andrew Dutta 10-15 days. So, after filling the service form, you would get email reply after 5-7 days. For Video Consultation, the consulting date would be mutually set. Please be patient to get good quality astrological service.