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Annual (Yearly) Horoscope Prediction

How would the next 12 months unfold for you? What are the situations, people and dangers should you avoid? Which opportunities will come and which ones should you accept that will bring long term success and prosperity? How will be your health in the next 12 months? Will your love and married life remain warm and happy? How much spirituality and religion will you enjoy and get deep satisfaction? And what remedies you can perform to take the maximum advantage? Know everything from this 1 year super report.


Know what is in your future in the coming one year. The report is like a photograph of your coming year, and there you can find out what will happen in your life during the next 12 months of the year! It allows you to know in advance the periods for progress and good surprises, happiness as well as difficulties, opportunities but also to be warned of dangerous, destabilizing or difficult situations you might have to cross.

Reading your annual astrology forecast means preparing yourself for the next one year in the best possible conditions, but also to discover whether or not it will be favorable to your love, your finances or the development of your career. The yearly horoscope prediction is first of all a condensed version of the main trends of your year, followed by a very complete section devoted to your love affairs! Whether you are alone or as a couple, you will find in the report all the tips to develop your sentimental life. This yearly forecast is also a full-fledged heading on your job, with the opportunities that will present itself to you, and the assets that you will have to put forward.

You will also find a very comprehensive section about your finances, as well as your vitality, and a lot of tips to keep fit according to your sign and the planetary influences of the year ! You will understand, this yearly horoscope prediction, is a mine of essentials information to manage your life well, and succeed in its year smoothly avoiding missteps and taking advantage of the opportunities that will arise!

This report will be created personally by world master astrologer Jyotishya Mahamahpadhayay, Sothida Mannan  Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit) himself based on your accurate date, time and place of birth and your current location of residence. This annual prediction report can be ordered for any 12 month period of your choice. 

This Annual Horoscope prediction report is NOT a Sun sign or Moon sign based report. Nor it is the Vedic Varshaphal or Dasa-Bhukti report.

It is a deep level analysis of your horoscope for the coming one year chosen period. It is a predictive report of all events and situations that are most likely to happen in your life in the forthcoming 12 month period from the date chosen by you. Simple, powerful and effective remedies will also be suggested in the report for you to perform, if the need arises from your birth horoscope. All areas of your life such as career, finances, married/love life, children, friends, pets and subordinates will be covered in this report if such areas are found operative in your horoscope for the chosen year.


INR 8200/- (for all payments made in India) and USD 370 (for all clients requesting service from outside India) FOR A SINGLE HOROSCOPE to make astrological analysis for any 12 month forecast of your choice


See a Sample Report Here

(All reports are fully individualized and so it may vary from the sample shown here)


Please perform the following steps to get Annual (Yearly) Horoscope Forecast Consultation Service from Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit).

Step 1: Make your Payment. Click here for Service Payment Details.

Step 2: Fill up the Annual Horoscope Prediction Form and submit. Click Here



The service processing time is 10-15 business days.

Consultation report will be sent to your email along with your accurate horoscope


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