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Dr Andrew Dutta's Fight for Astrology

Sothida Mannan, Jyotishya Mahamahopadhayaya, Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit) is one of those very few rare astrologers of the world who have stood upright for the cause of astrology and fought ferocious battles against rationalists and anti-astrology propaganda. His fight for astrology has silenced many rationalists of West Bengal in 2001 and onwards after his publication of the Bengali book "Jyotish Shastrer Baignanik Vitti", which translates as "The Scientific Bases of Astrology". There are a lot many astrologers on the internet who claim to be self-proclaimed bigwigs in astrology but do not have an iota of credentials and background in astrology as Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit) has from a very early age. Proof of the pudding lies in eating.


This book was published on 25th December 2001, when Dr. Dutta was just 26 years old as a fitting reply when in one of the TV programs a private TV channel unethically edited the correct answer of Dr. Dutta to portray that rationalists are correct. The book was subsidized in printing cost by M/s Swapna Printing Works, Kolkata and the cover page was designed free of cost by artist Subhankar Basu. The book was sold in Calcutta Book Fair 2002 and was out of stock soon. The price of the book was kept just to cover up the costs.


Once this book was published, there was abject silence from all rationalists of West Bengal. NOT A SINGLE RATIONALISTS, who were denigrating astrology, palmistry and allied sciences, were to be seen on the scene of anti-propaganda after this book was published. Even till today, after 14 long years, NOT A SINGLE RATIONALIST could muster the courage to write a single word against this well researched book, which not only provided the scientific bases of various parts of astrology in a nutshell, but also exposed the hypocrisy and malignant intentions of self-proclaimed rationalists in West Bengal as well as in other parts of the world.


Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit) is one of those rarest astrologer who have led the path of victory for astrology to emerge and remain as of the oldest sciences. He has always lived for the cause of astrology by doing continuous research in various fields of astrology.


The Bengali contents of the book are as below:

  1. Why am I forced to write this book?
  2. Acknowledgement
  3. Preface
  4. The origin of astrology
  5. The need for astrology
  6. Astrology and the time of birth
  7. Astrology and the Geocentric Theory
  8. Birth time, Astrology and Destiny
  9. Astrology and Mass Death
  10. Planets in astrology and their effects
  11. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in astrology
  12. Astrology and the Precision of Equinoxes
  13. Astrology and the city of Murmansk
  14. Wearing Gems and Changing Destiny--An explanation
  15. Palmistry and the Origin of lines on the Palm
  16. Changing of Lines on the Palm
  17. Past, Present and Future in the Palm
  18. Life Line and Length of Life in Palmistry
  19. Some examples of hypocrisy of rationalists and scientists


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