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Journal for Advancement of Stellar Astrology (JASA)

The Journal for Advancement of Stellar Astrology (JASA) was first launched on 3rd July 2011 as the democratic voice to all astrological authors of many stellar systems such as KP system, Nadi astrology, 4 Step Theory, Cuspal Interlinks Theory or any other forms of stellar astrology.

JASA is a free, quarterly international journal for the propagation and development of all forms of stellar astrology. It is developed, published and circulated on non-commercial basis and solely for educational and research purposes on philanthropic intention for the advancement of astrological science. No price is charged from the readers of this journal. The journal is published from India.

JASA currently has 26000+ registered subscriber/readers across 127 countries of the world.

It is now the most widely circulated stellar astrology journal from India honararily edited by Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit).


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