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Past Birth Past Life Astrology

All astrologers have failed in your predictions of life events? Various remedies have not worked for you?

All puja, temples, dargah, babas, fakirs, maulas, and sadhus have failed to give you result?? Life is appearing full of struggles and hurdles?

No matter how hard you try, you are not emerging successful? Everything seems to go wrong for you??

If your answer to the above questions are YES, then your past life Karmic lock has not been opened yet. You still do not know what you did in your past birth or life that requires redemption from you (Prayaschitta) in this life. You can do redemption by simply praying to your own God by asking forgiveness for the sins which you have done in past life.

To ask for this forgiveness, you need to know what are those deliberate and inadvertent mistakes that you did in your past births or lives. It is only when you have full account of details regarding your past life mistakes that you can seek redemption you can get forgiveness from the Almighty God. 

Only when you receive HIS forgiveness, this current life of yours will start reaping the results of your current efforts (Kriyaman and Agami Karma) and you will enjoy life.


So, how does all this happen??

The fundamental spiritual basis of astrology is past birth actions leading to re-incarnation. It is said that the birth horoscope is the accurate picture of our Prarabdha Karma . Paramhamsa Yogananda, (the author of the world famous book –An Autobiography of a Yogi) said in his book in Chapter 16 that his own Guru, late Sri Sri Yukteshwar Giri Swami Maharaj told him that "A child is born on that day and at that hour when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with one's individual karma. His horoscope is a challenging portrait, revealing his unalterable past and it's probable future results…The message boldly blazoned across the heavens at the moment of birth is not meant to emphasize fate – the result of past good and evil - but to arouse man's will to escape from his universal thraldom. What he has done he can undo”. 

“What he has done he can undo” is a tremendous statement by Yogananda’s Guru. The mistakes and sins we have done in the past, IF CAN BE KNOWN NOW, through our birth horoscope, can give us one chance to seek redemption to the Supreme Lord Vishnu, because He only has the sole power to obliterate our entire Sanchita Karma. Unfortunately, people have messed up the meaning, approaches and application of the meaning of Fate (Bhagya) and Free Will (Purushakar) . His Guru talks about unalterable past, which means there is no way how we can go backwards to that past life and reverse the actions what we did. But in this birth, once we know what we did, we can take corrective actions and hence “undo” that deed. 
Similarly, he says that astrology can reveal probable future results. There is no guarantee that the astrologers prediction will turn out to be correct, because the correct remedy performed by a person can please God Almighty Lord Vishnu and He has the power to alter the course of our Destiny and Fate. So, a horoscope is not written on stone but is an indication of could be. Without a clear knowledge about these factors, one cannot look clearly into the horoscope of a person. People think, quite erroneously, that ill-Karma cannot be removed. The fact is, ill-Karma can be erased provided one knows what to erase and how to erase it. Remedial astrology is a very elevated domain above predictive astrology. So, one’s past sin cannot be reversed but can be undone by erasing it like a child erases a wrong spelling with a rubber eraser. It can be known in this birth what was those set of past sins and good deeds. Once the knowledge is gained about these from the present birth horoscope, we can seek redemption from God for our sins. All religions of the world are unanimous about seeking forgiveness from God. Isn’t that strange that all religions are unanimous about this one thing of seeking forgiveness from God??

Astrological Analysis of Past Life Karma

This is a rare astrological service provided by Sothida Mannan, Jyotishya Mahamahopadhayaya Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit) using his family astrological knowledge heritage and his own Sadhana. Your current birth horoscope will be used by him to rise above this plane and see your past life birth Karmas (actions) which are causing you suffering in this birth through this website 

You will receive a detailed report about the kind of actions or inactions you have taken in your last birth and what have you done or not done in this birth that is causing you difficulties and sorrows that you are unable to control. You will get to know what things you need to stop doing in this life and what you should start doing. These could be behaviours, activities or even simple thought processes. You can also know your correct Ishta Devata and Ishta mantra that will connect you and align with the Supreme Godhead leading to quick erosion of your Karmic debts and bring beauty in your current life. Suggestions for wearing the correct divine rudraksha and the unique mantra for your weakest or worst planet can also be known by you through this service.

The very knowledge of knowing your own past life actions will help you to seek forgiveness of your mistakes to God Almighty and you will receive HIS grace and blessings to make this current life beautiful.

Layers of Soul Encasement and Karma

Your soul is encased in Sapta Kosha (7 layers of cover). Among these the 5th layer--the Anandamay Kosha (layer of happiness and bliss through God realization) is where your Karmic difficulties hit hard leading to disruptions in the remaining 4 layers downward to the physical self and the materialistic outer world. Lack of Karmic knowledge also hurts the two innermost layers of the soul--the Chittamay and Atmamay Koshas and so the soul cannot go out of the Birth-Death cycle or Janmachakra.

When you know the correct Ishta Devata and HIS mantra and you chant HIS name everyday it stars eroding your past birth Karma. In the process of singing name of God there are various stages or centers of activity. There is an involuntary movement of the tongue which is part of annamay kosh. This is powered by the life force called pranmay kosh. But there has to be a wish for the movement of the tongue which is from manamay kosh. Then there has to be a doer (karta) called Vigyanmay kosh. The name of God has to be uttered with deep love, respect and dedication and then it becomes a joyful experience of happiness - that comes from anandamay kosh. 


Anna-maya koshaOrganic bodyEat-drink-and-be-merryDownload movies, Upload family pics to facebook, parties on weekends
Prana-maya koshaEnergy body , vitalityVitality seeker, Health consciousnessSports, Attends Yoga workshops for health purpose
Mana-maya koshaPsychic body, thoughts and feelingsPhilosopher, Social consciousnessHelp people, participate in social activities (not parties)
Vigyana-maya koshaIntellectual body, spiritual discrimination and wisdomSage, scientistsSeeking knowledge
Ananda-maya koshaBody of joy, pure consciousnessSelf- and God-realizedState of Blissful being, Body is still within awareness.
Chitta Maya Koshabody of consciousness

At these two innermost layers, the soul is able to constantly connect with the Supreme Godhead and travel in different planes of existence. Examples are Sri Sri Lahiri Mahashaya, Sri Sri Swami Yukteshwar Maharaj, Sri Raman Maharshi just ot name a few eminent souls.

Atma Maya Kosha

body of pure spirit

Hindu scriptures describe the body-mind complex of man as consisting of five layers: the physical layer, the layer of prana (the vital air), the layer of mind, the layer of intellect, and the layer of bliss. These layers are located one inside the other like the segments of a collapsible telescope, with the layer of the physical body being the outermost and the layer of bliss being the innermost.

  • God resides in Sat Kosha and to reach to HIM you need to know what Karma you have done in the past to ask for forgiveness and which Karmas you should not regenerate again in this birth.
  • We think and live within Annamay and therefore we experience fear and all nine emotions, react according to our trigunas, and continue to generate karma leading to unending cycle of life and birth. A knowledge of your past birth Karma will help you to seek forgiveness from your God and you will not repeat the same mistake in this birth.
  • Freeing our soul from the attachment and identification with the food layer ‘(Annamaya kosh),’ or physical body is the first objective of spirituality. With the help of Past Birth Astrology, you will gain the knowledge of exactly what is your soul’s mission in this life and live a blissful life.
  • Ultimate goal of human life is to move away from the Anna-maya kosha and remain in the Vigyana-maya kosha most of the times and progressively move into the Ananda-maya Kosha (State of Blissful being), Chitta Kosha (spiritual wisdom) and Sat Kosha (the final state of merging with the Infinite)


INR 7300/- (for all payments made in India) and USD 280 (for all clients requesting services from outside IndiaFOR A SINGLE HOROSCOPE to make a complete assessment of the past birth Karmas you have done or not done leading to your sufferings in this birth. depending upon your horoscope without Remedial suggestions.

INR 10000/- (for all payments made in India) and USD 500 (for all clients requesting services from outside IndiaFOR A SINGLE HOROSCOPE to make a complete assessment of the past birth Karmas you have done or not done leading to your sufferings in this birth depending upon your horoscope with suggestions for Remedial measures that you need to perform in this life. This will include identification of your correct Ishta devata, Ishta Mantra, unique mantra for the weakest/worst planet and suggestion for rudraksha bead to be worn, yantram or gem combinations.


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