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Astrology Services Fees



Service Mode

1. Annual (Yearly) Horoscope PredictionsINR 8200 / USD 370Email Report
2. Astrology Consultation Service for any Life Problems or IssuesINR 6400 / USD 190Email Report
3. Birth Time Rectification Astrology ServiceINR 7300 / USD 280Email Report
4. Child Birth Astrology Consultation ServiceINR 8200 / USD 370Email Report
5. Choosing the Best Time, Muhurta, Electional Astrology ServiceINR 6400 / USD 190Email Report
6. Death Prediction with Astrology Rare ServiceINR 10000 /USD 500Telephone Consulting
7. Education, Career & Vocation Astrology Consultation ServiceINR 6400 / USD 190Email Report
8. Foreign Travels, Relocation, Emigration Astrology Consultation ServiceINR 6400 / USD 190Email Report
9. Health, Disease & Surgery Astrology Consultation Service

INR 7300 / USD 280

INR 4600 / USD 100

Email Report

Email Report

10. Horary Prashna Astrology Service (without Birth Time)INR 6400 / USD 190Email Report
11. Horoscope Remedial Astrology GuidanceINR 8200 / USD 370Email Report
12. Lovers Astro ReportINR 6400 / USD 190Email Report
13. Marriage Consultation Astrology Service

INR 6400 / USD 190

INR 10000/ USD 500

Email Report

Email Report

14. Past Birth Karma Astrology Rare Service

INR 7300 / USD 280

INR 10000 / USD 370

Email Report

Email Report

15. Personal Video ConsultationINR 10000 /USD 500Video Consulting
16. Pregnancy, Fertility and Conception Planning Time ServiceINR 8200 / USD 370Email Report
17. Urgent 24 Hour Astrological Prediction ServiceINR 10000 /USD 500Telephone Consulting
18. Wealth, Income and Finances Astrology Consultation ServiceINR 6400 / USD 190Email Report


All Astrology Services Payment Details

For Payment From India

To avail any kind of astrological consulting services from Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit), you can make payment either through Cash Deposit, Cheque Deposit or through Online Net Banking NEFT Transfer to anyone of the following bank accounts given below if your current location is India

HDFC Bank Ltd.

Name of Account Holder: MOUMITA DUTTA

Account Number: 05121600001600

IFSC Code: HDFC0000512


Type of Account: Savings

ICICI Bank Ltd.

Name of Account Holder: MOUMITA DUTTA

Account Number: 149905500438

IFSC Code: ICIC0001499


Type of Account: Current

Axis Bank Ltd.

Name of Account Holder: MOUMITA DUTTA

Account No. 911010053563084


Branch: Bhubaneswar Chandrasekharpur, Orissa

Type of Account: Savings

For all International Payments

All payments are to be made in US Dollars only  through PayPal irrespective of the country of payment other than from India:

All service pages has the PayPal buttons for making the requisite fees payment directly through your PayPal account or through your Credit card. All these payments are in the account of Moumita Dutta. In case you are unable to make your payments through these pages, you can also alternatively make PayPal payments of the requisite USD fees in the name of Andrew Dutta by clicking on this direct link and enter the exact amount of the fees in US dollars only.


All services are usually processed within 10-15 days unless your horoscope requires more in depth analysis or if you have opted for Urgent Consulting Service. Dr. Andrew Dutta sometimes needs to do certain Kriyas with your horoscope to know about your past birth Karmic details and so he may be taking little more time than usual and sometimes these Kriyas does not yield the desired result due to the Karmic darkness of the horoscopes--so it takes more time than usual. He will be in touch with you in case he requires more time for your horoscope. You should be ready to allow him the necessary time for high quality astrology service. Such things cannot be told publicly.


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