Why Upaya Remedies Fail in Astrology

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Why Gemstones Fail to Give Result in Astrology

There are many reasons why some of our clients have complained that gemstones they have purchased from elsewhere have not given them the desired results. In our experience in the last 224 years, the following are the most common reasons identified by us.

1) Gems are purchased from jewellers who have no idea of an ‘astrological grade’ gemstone. They do not know astrology and they are simple gem sellers. They also do not take any responsibility for the desired outcome of wearing the gem. Also not all gems are natural. There are synthetic gems, artificial gems and fakes. Barely 10% of natural/authentic gemstones can be used for astrological purposes.

2) Astrological grade gems are very costly and many people erroneously think that, for example, a ‘Blue Sapphire’ is a Blue Sapphire and all and every Blue Sapphire is the same. This is not correct. All blue looking stones are not blue sapphire. And all Blue Sapphires are not natural and all natural Blue Sapphires are not ‘astrological grade’. 

3) Clients do not have the idea or the knowledge of identifying variety of gem treatments, types of gemstone blemishes and inclusions, gem grades and origins of gems, the Varna of gems and many other non-gem astrological factors apart from gemological characteristics. They simply buy from the jeweler/vendor and make the ring and wear it, expecting magic to happen.

4) A fine quality astrological grade gem needs to be selected by the astrologer himself who has the complete knowledge about your horoscope as well as having very good knowledge of gem identification/gemology.

5) This gem has to be set in the ring on a specific astro tithi which matches with your birth horoscope. The goldsmith setting the gem in the ring must follow some technical details so that the ring is not faulty. And this astro tithi is not your birth tithi but a specific tithi that augurs well for you in gem ring setting.

6) Once this is done, the gems undergo ritualistic Shodhanam and Jagratam Kriya done through archaic Tantric rituals using your name, father/husband’s name and Gothra.

All gems that are procured from me are

1) Selected personally by me from our personal gem suppliers and not from open market vendors.

2) Tested in our personal gem laboratory to have the most authentic test report

3) Set into a ring by our own goldsmith

4) Tantric rituals done on the gem ring by our own tantrics

The gem then becomes your most powerful friend.