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Finding the best astrological time aka Muhurta Electional astrology

“Keep Time On Your Side”

Electional astrology (also known also as elective astrology, Muhurta, Muhurat) is the branch of astrology which identifies the most astrologically auspicious moments. It tells the best astral configuration in the sky matched with your birth horoscope to have success in all your actions. The timing of the beginning of something new is an important factor which determines its outcome.

A very good Muhurat or electional helps you start an action when the astral rhythms in the sky are favorable to you. It is fit for those persons who wish to be in control of their life. Through electional astrology we can find the favorable moments or Muhurat. That will become the window of opportunity for your actions. Most successful people do this in their personal lives with the help of their personal astrologers.

No matter whatever be the work you are planning to start, you can consult with Dr. Andrew Dutta so that you get the best starting time for your work and be sure that success is ensured for you !


Panchang – 5 limbs of the Hindu calendar, for measurement of time. Vedas say that with knowledge of Panchang the person becomes free from all sins:

1.         Vara – prolongs life – strength, agni tattva

2.         Tithi – brings prosperity, wealth – fulfilment of desires, jala

3.         Karana – success in all actions – accomplishment, prithvi

4.         Nakshatra – removes sins – disposition of mind, mana, vayu

5.         Yoga – immunity from diseases -co-operation, sambandha

Times of the Day

Within any given day, there are certain time periods which are particularly spiritually potent. 

Brahma Muhurta: the three hour time period culminating at dawn; assuming a 6 a.m. sunrise, this would be between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. everyday.

Abhijit Muhurta: high noon when the sun is at its zenith; assuming a 6 a.m. sunrise, this would be at 12 noon – 2pm. It is Sri Hari Vishnu’s time. When you don’t have any muhurtham you can use this time if its not overlapped by any adverse chogadhia, etc..

Nitya Pradosha Kaala: one and a half hours before dusk and half an hour thereafter; assuming a 6 p.m. sunset, this would be between 4:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. everyday.

These times are also known as sandhi kaalam, junction times within a day. The first is when the night meets the day, the second is when morning meets afternoon and the third is when day meets night. The Rishis say that spiritual activities conducted during these time periods are particularly effective. Spiritual aspirants should make use of these potent time periods for rapid spiritual advancement.

Similarly, within any given day, there are also certain time periods which are inauspicious (for mundane activities). Two of these are Raahu Kaalam and Yama Gandam. The Rishis say that it’s ideal if we can use these times totally for worship. If these time periods are used for worship and not for material activities, they yield manifold spiritual benefits

This report will be created personally by world master astrologer Jyotishya Mahamahpadhayay, Sothida Mannan Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit) himself based on your accurate date, time and place of birth and your current location of residence. This annual prediction report can be ordered for any 12 month period of your choice.


INR 6400/- (for all payments made in India) and USD 190 (for all clients requesting services from outside India) FOR A SINGLE HOROSCOPE to make a complete assessment of ANYONE of the following:

  1. Election/Muhurat or best time for marriage, proposing your boyfriend/girlfriend.
  2. Election/Muhurat or best time for buying/selling/entering a house.
  3. Election/Muhurat or best time for buying/selling a car or furniture or jewellery or any other movable property.
  4. Election/Muhurat or best time for meeting any higher authority/officials/Ministers or any other person.
  5. Election/Muhurat or best time for buying/selling shares and stocks in Stock Exchange.
  6. Election/Muhurat or best time for medical surgery, meeting the doctor.
  7. Election/Muhurat or best time for Caesarian section child birth.
  8. Election/Muhurat or best time for any other matter after discussing with Dr. Andrew over phone

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Step 3. In the Message box of the Form, please mention which type of work you want to start so that the best time can be chosen for you by Dr. Andrew Dutta with the help of your horoscope.


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