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“Child is the father of man”

In India and in many other countries, birth of a child after marriage is considered as a blessing of God and it is one of the happiest moments in the life of the married couple as well as their extended family. Becoming parent is a conscious decision that married couples take after enjoying a few years of marriage. Yet there are many couples for whom a child birth is fraught with failure due to personal health reasons and causes beyond their control.

Many couples keep trying to concieve but with no results. Some woman keep on getting a miscarriage or other pregnancy related complications. Some couples keep on trying the IVF method to conceive a child. While a large majority simply give up the hope ! Child birth astrology can help you immensely.

The birth horoscope can reveal many years in advance about the prospect of progeny or child birth for a man or a woman–even before they are married. The horoscope can be accurately analyzed by Dr. Andrew Dutta for a married couple whether that at all have any progeny prospect or not. If, yes, when will the child be born and how will be the health of this child. [ Please note that as per Indian law, child gender is not revealed or disclosed under any circumstances and Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit) also does not predict the gender of a would-be-born child ].

Along with the above analysis, if Dr. Andrew Dutta finds any difficulties in child birth, then appropriate remedial guidance and suggestions are also provided as part of the consulting to the married couple to beget a healthy child.

Childless couples who are having normal reproductive system but are unable to conceive naturally or with medical aid, can be REST ASSURED that with Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit’s) accurate guidance and calculation, they lady will 100% guaranteed to conceive. Dr. Dutta will provide the accurate date and time for having sexual union between the husband and wife, which will lead to successful conception.

Why Child Birth problems exist in birth chart?

The first principle is that if the 5th lord goes into enemy sign, debilitate, combustion, lost in the Graha Yuddha or goes into 6th, 8th or 12 house then there can be loss of children, or delay or no children. When 8th lord is placed in the 5th house, it may indicate the delay in getting children.

The 5th Lord Should not be Retrograde. Jupiter Should not be Retrograde. Putrakarka Planet (As per Jaimini Rule) Should not be retrograde. Any Retrograde Planet Should not Occupy the 5th house. In My Practical experience i have Seen that Retrograde Planets Create a Lot of Problems. When More than one Planet becomes Retrograde and Become Associated with 5th house in any Way, it indicates Some Past Life Pending Karma Regarding children Due to Which you May Suffer Problem in this Life.

The Sun Should Not be Conjunct with Planets Like Rahu/Ketu/Saturn. In this Case the conjunction Should be very close and within 5-10 Degree.

The 5th house of D1 chart or D9 Chart or D7 chart Should not be Occupied by Planets Like Rahu or Ketu or Saturn. The 5th Lord of D1 chart Should not be Debilitated in D9 and D7 charts. The Lagna of the D7 chart and Lagna Lord of D7 chart Should not be Weak or Afflicted. The Placement of 5th Lord in Barren Signs Like Gemini or Virgo is not considered Good.


INR 8200/- (for all payments made in India) and USD 370 (for all clients requesting service from outside India) FOR TWO HOROSCOPES (Husband & Wife) to make a complete assessment of ALL the following:

  1. Whether child birth is promised in wife’s horoscope
  2. Whether child birth is promised in husband’s horoscope.
  3. If child birth is promised in both the horoscopes, then the period or timing of child birth.
  4. Health of the new born child.
  5. If natural child birth is not promised, whether medical assistance can be of any help.

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