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foreign travel relocation astrology of immigration

“Travel broadens the horizon of the mind”

In the age of globalization, travelling to a foreign country for a job, education, marriage or for simply tourism has become very commonplace as well as easy. It has also become quite easy for many to permanently settle abroad as citizens or emigrants. But not all people have specific planetary combinations in their birth horoscope for travelling or settling in a foreign country. In immigration Astrology, for foreign travel and foreign settlement, some specific combinations are there in the horoscope which gives clear indication about the possibility and timing of foreign journeys.

By consulting with Dr. Andrew Dutta, you can get a complete information based upon your birth horoscope whether you have any foreign travel in your life or not. If you have foreign travel then what is the purpose for it–for education, job, marriage or tourism. You would also get to know the timing when this foreign settlement would happen in your life.

Some of the issues that you may like to get analyzed are:

  1. Whether you have the promise of foreign travel in your horoscope. If so, then for what purpose and for how long? Timing of the foreign travel and the countries.
  2. Whether you have the promise of foreign settlement or relocation or emigration in your horoscope? If so, when would this happen in your life and in which countries.
  3. Which is theĀ best geographical locationĀ in your current country of residence for (choose ANY TWO):
    • Having a successful career and money income flow
    • Having good educational success
    • Finding love and partner
    • Having marriage
    • Having happy married life with spouse
    • Leading a healthy and happy retired  life
    • Having maximum money earning potential
  4. Which is the best geographical place in the entire world for emigration to a new country for prosperity and wealth or marriage or education or any other matter specified for analysis.
  5. Any other travel (long or short distance and duration), foreign relocation and emigration related astrological analysis can be requested to Dr. Andrew Dutta after due discussion with him.


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