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Time and tide, wait for none”

Horary Prashna astrology is the chart-reading technique of answering a question based on what’s going on in someone’s astrological chart at the moment they ask an astrologer a question. The astrologer, in turn, understands and consents to answering it. “The word horary refers to hour, and we can think of the horary chart like a clock that points to all of the current dynamics of the situation and how they will unfold in time”.

Horary astrology is a branch of astrology in which the astrologer attempts to predict events and answer the questions asked by casting the horoscope of the question. The horoscope of the question is called a Horary Chart.

Prashna Chart is no different from a Birth Chart. We use date & time of when the question is asked instead of the birth time details. The analysis of Horary Chart is done in a much similar fashion we analyze a Birth Chart.

How does Horary Astrology work?

“In horary astrology, the method fundamentally involves utilizing the transits and representations of the individuals or objects in question within the birth chart. For example, if you’re curious about whether you and another person will reconcile after a disagreement, both of you are symbolized by specific planets in the birth chart. Therefore, observing whether these planets move closer together or drift farther apart can hint at a potential reconciliation or continued separation

If they’re moving closer, for example, the chart will help the astrologer determine when they’ll be the closest, and that could be the date of reconciliation. The reason for this is that Horary is rules based. “You must follow the rules to get an accurate result, and you must follow whatever set of rules you’re using consistently in order for a chart to make sense.”

How to get a Horary Prashna done?

You can avail this service if you do not have your accurate birth time or birth details and at the same time you have a very pointed and focussed question in mind. Horary or Prashna Astrology is based on the question you ask and the Horary number you choose and provide between 1 and 249.

There is a method through which you can get an accurate answer to your question through an able astrologer using the Prashna method. 

Step 1: Form a well defined and focused question in your mind.

Step 2: Write down the question on a white piece of paper while thinking about your problem and also thinking about your God and telling your God to help you with the future insight about your question through the astrologer.

Step 3: Think of any number between 1 to 249 and let the number FLASH in your mind. Do not think of any ‘lucky’ number or numerological number. Just let the number rise up in your mind.

List of Questions that are worthy of a Horary.

  • When will I get married?
  • Will I have an arranged marriage or a love marriage?
  • Will I marry a foreigner or a native?
  • Will my husband be very rich and will he love me?
  • Will I get married to the one I love?
  • How will be my married life?
  • Is my married life going to be happy or not?
  • Will my spouse be loving and caring towards me?
  • Does he/she love me?
  • When will I find the love of my life?
  • Will my relationship continue?
  • We have been living separately will we reunite again?
  • I am a divorcee. Will I marry again? When?
  • When will the troubles in my married life be over?
  • Does he/she love me?
  • Will my love be accepted?
  • Will my relationship continue?
  • Will my love comeback?
  • When will I find my soul mate?
  • Am I with the right person as of now?
  • Will my love change him/her?
  • When will our differences be over?
  • Should I wait for him/her or move on?
  • Is my partner cheating on me?
  • Will my relationship continue?
  • When will I get a job?
  • When can I expect a change in Job for betterment?
  • Will my switching over from service to a business be fruitful?
  • Will my switching over from business to service be good for me?
  • When can I expect job overseas or in a different country?
  • When will the problems in my office be over?
  • When will I get government job?
  • Will I get the promotion?
  • I want to start trading in the stock market. Will this suit me and will I be successful?
  • Am I going to selected through the interview?
  • I have been suspended from my job. Will I be reinstated?
  • Which Profession will suit me?
  • Will business suit me?
  • When will I get a raise?
  • When will I settle down in life?
  • Will I be able to clear the exam?
  • Will I pass my exams?
  • Will I clear my final year?
  • Will my child be able to clear the exam?
  • Will I be able to clear the government exam?
  • What grade would I get in the result?
  • What grade would my child get in the result?
  • I Have Given My Exams And Now Waiting For The Result. Will I Get Good Marks ?
  • Why can not I pass my exams ? Why am I failing continuously?
  • Will my child get the admission to the desired school?
  • Which line of education would be most suitable for my child?
  • Is my child going to fare well in the competition?
  • Will I be able to get a high position in competition?
  • Will I be selected in the college of my choice?
  • Will I travel to a foreign country for education?
  • Will I get scholarship?
  • Which line of education will suit me?
  • I want to get admission of my son in to the best public school of the city. Do you think he will get the admission?
  • Will I get admission for higher studies?
  • Will I get admission in to my choice of college this year?

Generate KP Horary Number 1 to 249

Click the button only once to generate a random number between 1 and 249:

Press the above button to generate a number between 1 and 249 after thinking about your question and your God.

Press the button only once to get the most correct horary number.

Use this number in the form below. If you do not wish to use this number generator, then provide a number that flashes up in your mind and which is not any lucky number or not a numerological number.


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