Wealth Income & Financial Astrology

Wealth income financial astrology

“Prosperity, Abundance, Wealth and Finance”

Are you interested in exploring your financial prospects and challenges? It is important to understand how prosperous your financial future is before you make any moves towards pursuing any opportunity. All your worries and questions can be answered easily with our wealth prediction services and our wealth horoscope based on date of birth.

Relationship between finance and astrology is pretty close. Many people believe that the position of stars, planets or sun can determine their financial status in future which makes them take all possible steps to align themselves with these heavenly bodies while some others are totally against it.

You can get accurate future wealth predictions by date of birth and time Money isn’t everything, but its importance can’t be denied. One of the most important factors in determining success or potential is financial solvency. There are two types or wealth: one is inherited, the other is acquired.

Both cases require that you are attentive, cautious, and diligent enough to generate and maintain the necessary funds or money to fulfill basic needs of your life. Your profession and business are not the only ones that have financial problems. They can also impact your personality, your relationships, and your performance.

If a person isn’t being recognized for his efforts or fails to solve financial issues, they may experience depression and other problems. This is where Vedic astrology readings on your horoscope can be very helpful.

Your peace of mind is an important area for your finances and health. Your future wealth prediction by Kundali can lead you on a path to success, with a better career outlook that can help. Our proper money astrology service by date of birth can help you have realistic expectations and show you what you are meant to do.

Finance and Astrology

J.P. Morgan is on record for saying that “Millionaires don’t use astrology. Billionaires do”. In the modern era money, wealth, income and finance is almost every persons’ concern. People give in a lot of effort in their jobs, businesses and work only to hope to make sufficient economic gains to help them run their families and their own personal well being. But not everybody rolls over money and there are numerous people who do not get their legitimate wealth and income in spite of doing the best and hardest of work.

Why does this happen? What do the stars in your horoscope tell about your wealth luck? Would you be able to make your two ends meet financially? Which are the best periods in your life for finances and wealth and income? Is there any major financial loss soon?

By making an astrological consultation with Dr. Andrew Dutta on your horoscope you can correctly get an objective assessment about your wealth luck.


INR 6400/- (for all payments made in India) and USD 190 (for all clients requesting service from outside India) FOR A SINGLE HOROSCOPE only to find out the promise, potential and quality of financial potential.

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Stock Market Financial Astrology

Our advanced stock market astrology research techniques allow us to acquire valuable insight into the future of global financial market movements. Our predictive methods integrate a combination of Cycle Trends, Astrological Combinations, and Astro-Trend Analysis patterns. Dr. Andrew Dutta as serious business financial astrologer assist the serious investors in “seeing the future” of the markets.